Jalaram Restaurant | Jalaram Khichdi Centre

Jalaram Khichdi Centre

Genesis of the brand name " Jalaram Khichdi " and wide range of various Gujarati as well as Punjabi dishes is just a food stall selling Rajwadi Khichdi.
To get the future security for children, Mr.Nimesh Varnamia left his corporate job and started selling khichdi on the stall with the help of his wife Mrs.Sharmi Varnamia in the year of 2003. Initially the stall only had khichdi which was named as " Rajwadi Khichdi ".

Our History

Punjabi Lunch

The Rich Flavours of Punjab with authenticity & simplicity.
Its not the range of dishes that we offer makes us special on the contrary it's the original hand picked spices and aroma of Punjab in them makes each & every recipe of Jalaram Khichdi finger licking and tongue tingling.

Gujarati Lunch

A thali is the cornerstone to the Gujarati dining revel in. This conventional, Indian-fashion meal carries a proper stability of six tastes diagnosed by means of Ayurvedic nutrients to provide all of the flavor factors wanted for maximum health.

Our Specility

Gift a dinner to your friends and family in Surat or any place near by. This could be a remarkable treat from you to your close ones.
For those with pure food indulgence in mind, come next door and sate your desires with our ever changing internationally and seasonally inspired small plates.